EVERY MINUTE COUNTS.LIFE (emc) is your free one stop app to organize your schedule and make EVERY MINUTE COUNT for home, family and community

We positively impact the world around us, whilst we respect your rights and privacy, especially the management of your data.

Schedule a service appointment.

Earn Vouchers and Points


  • Respect peoples time
  • Investment in social causes that create sustainable improvement in peoples life.
  • Respect for Rights and Privacy of individuals
  • Empowerment of Small businesses
  • Positive Impact on the environment
  • Respect for Diversity

Schedule Appointments

Make bookings an easy process when booking through emc and earn points each time you book an appointment.


Pay less, get more with emc. Vouchers for any service you need based on availability. Download emc now from your App Store and take full advantage of your time and money.

Manage Household Purchases

Sink a “To Buy List” with your family members or those close to you so that you never
forget what is needed.

Schedule Meetings

An effective way of keeping up with your meeting schedule.

Social Good!

Be apart of millions of individuals striving to make a difference in the world and make EVERY MINUTE COUNT!


EMC is available for IOS and Android.